California Dreaming

California Dreaming collection

Let your imagination run wild and let your dreams take you away from the chaos with “California Dreaming”, the collection from Matter Makers inspired by the magic of California’s summer glamour. The collection tells a story through the urban lifestyle of those living in the city. Embraced with the scenery of the beach, the elements of such are depicted through the patterns and silhouettes of each piece creating this special collection by Matter Makers.

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Matter Makers | Tailor Suit
Regular price ฿6,250.00 ฿4,375.00
  • Pink
Matter Makers | Palm Cotton Twill Jacket
Regular price ฿5,650.00 ฿3,955.00
  • Orange(Plam Cotton)
  • Green
Matter Makers | Jacket Denim Tie Dye
Regular price ฿4,990.00 ฿3,493.00
  • Blue/Pink
  • Green/Blue

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